f-label: Electronic labeling for wines & sparkling wines

Comply now with the new EU regulations in seconds and provide consumers with the necessary information via a QR code on the bottle.


Your digital label for wines and sparkling wines

As a seller of all types of wine and wine-based beverages, you must provide as of December 2023 consumers with information about the ingredients, nutritional values, allergens and energy content of the product. This was decided in Regulation 2021/2117 of the EU reforms on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). However, no purchase incentives may be set and no data (cookies, Google Analytics) may be collected. . f-label provides you with an EU-compliant solution so that you can save time and money: The digital label through which you can automatically make the necessary information visible using an automatically generated QR code.

The EU regulation stipulates that you must provide consumers with the ingredients and nutritional information. However, no purchase incentives may be set and no data (cookies, Google Analytics) may be collected. F-Label provides you with the optimal solution.

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A strong network for the beverage industry

In order to prepare retailers and producers for upcoming changes, we have established a strong network for you. The aim is to provide you with a cost-effective and compliant solution without having to completely redesign your labels. Find out more about f-label and our partners now.

The ideal and EU-compliant solution

f-label offers the ideal solution to the challenges associated with the new product information requirement under EU legislation. Using a mobile device, f-label gives consumers digital access to product information. . f-label includes two components: The QR code as well as a product-specific URL that contains all the necessary and desired product information. Benefit now from the numerous advantages of our electronic labels (e labels) and meet the new requirements in no time.

Conform cu cerințele UE

Conform cu cerințele UE

(EU 2021/2117)


Product information available in 24 EU languages


To leading merchandise management systems


Can be connected directly to your ERP system


Up to 120 data fields available


Product information can be edited at any time

White label

Individual design of landing page

Specific URL

With all the necessary information


Create your QR codes

f-label walks you through the necessary product information to create a QR code and URL for your product.


Place QR code on the bottle

Once a QR code has been created, you can attach it to your bottles with a simple sticker.


Product information available in 24 languages

Consumers can access the product information in an EU-compliant manner by scanning the QR code.

Are you already prepared for the new regulation?

Prepare for upcoming changes in good time and use f-label’s convenient solution to provide the necessary consumer information.


Interfaces to your ERP system

Freeper year

10 QR-Codes

Basic package
120per year

30 QR-Codes

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240per year

50 QR-Codes

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PRO packages
99 - 899per month

API interface

GDSN connection

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Implementation in seconds

f-label creates EU-compliant digital labels for wines and spirits that are editable at any time and available in all EU languages. By checking the validity of all required product information, f-label ensures compliance with EU regulations. Experience this convenience and use our off-label solution today! Scroll your mouse over the orange QR codes to get a preview for your f-label.

Frequently Asked Questions

regulations for wines and flavored drinks containing wine come into force?

From December 8th, 2023, all wines and flavored wine-based drinks across the EU must meet the new requirement and make ingredients and nutritional tables accessible.

Are there features that still need to be printed on the label?

Yes, allergens and the energy content must always be identifiable, i.e. printed directly on the label.

Which areas of my company are affected by the new regulation?

The effects for manufacturers (winemakers, bottlers and distributors) are felt throughout the entire company. In addition to the design of the bottle and production, the IT and purchasing departments are also significantly affected by the changes.

When should our company prepare for the new regulation?

The challenges for the affected manufacturers are serious and therefore very time-consuming. Companies should therefore deal with the issue immediately. Please let our experts advise you on this.

As a manufacturer, can I link to my own website to provide my customers with the information they require?

Wine producers cannot link directly to their own websites or apps to provide label information that complies with EU regulations. This is because company websites and apps often contain sales and marketing content and track user interaction, which violates EU regulations. A secure platform that is free of sales and marketing content and does not involve user tracking is required to host electronic labels.

What does the abbreviation CAP stand for?

CAP stands for Common Agricultural Policy. This Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a system of policies of the European Union (EU) aimed at supporting and regulating agriculture within the EU. Its main goals are to ensure a stable food supply, maintain a fair income for farmers, preserve rural landscapes and promote sustainable agriculture. CAP also ensures that prices for agricultural products are fair for both producers and consumers. To achieve these goals, CAP provides direct financial support to farmers, regulates the production and trade of agricultural products, and provides funding for rural development programs.

You can find out more about the work of CAP on the website of the European Commission.


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PRO Package
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99per month

50 QR-Codes

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API interface

GDSN connection

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